Meditation Techniques For Better Sleep

Meditation Exercises
Meditation Exercises
Meditation Exercises

The difficulty to get sound sleep is not an issue that is only plaguing you. There are close to 35 to 50% of adults all over the world that have to face the same issue. The causes for sleeplessness can be pointed to several issues – for some it is stress, for some others it is pain, and for some, the underlying issue is more complicated.

One way in which you can doze off is to incorporate meditation into your routine. It is a relaxation technique that can help you maintain a state of controlled peace. Last time I checked, you get the best sleep when you are relaxed and stress-free. Meditation is a means to instill calmness and control the storm of emotions and thoughts that are messing up your mind.

The Science

There is medical backing behind the claims that meditation exercises benefit you. Here are just some of the findings regarding the benefits of meditation:

  • Meditation reduces blood pressure
  • Meditation helps in reducing heart rate
  • Meditation helps to increase the production of melatonin – the sleep hormone
  • Meditation helps in the production of serotonin – the feel-good hormone
  • Is responsible for activating the part of the brain that is responsible for managing sleep

How Does One Start To Meditate?

Now that you know what you can hope to achieve by meditating, the next question is how do you start? You need only a few things to start. You don’t need any special equipment or any special tools.

Here are some of the things that you need to do to sail smoothly.

  • Find a quiet place – this is true especially if you are a novice. The calmer the place is the easier it will be for you to zone-out and disconnect yourself. The more the stimuli, the more is the attention you will need to tune it out.
  • Get yourself comfortable – if you don’t fancy a sitting up position, you could also lie down. Just ensure that your back is straight.
  • Focus on your breathing – use it as a yardstick to concentrate. Breathe in slowly and then exhale, taking attention to every minute sensation you are feeling in the moment.
  • Having thoughts popping up in your mind is common, and you will need to force your body to refocus.

Meditate daily for 15-20 minutes before sleeping. Over time you will get a hang of it, and you will be able to sleep much better as a result!

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