Meditation: Taking Baby Steps

Meditation Exercises
How To Meditate
How To Meditate

In the same way how exercising is to train the physical aspects of you, meditation is a way to work and train your mind. If you are somebody who has come to the realization of a need to calm the inner storm and release stress, then you are on the right path. Next is for you to begin down the journey, but what is the first step? How does one start with meditation?

After all, sitting for countless hours in a seated position thinking about ‘nothing’ is not a task that beginners can manage. But we will help in breaking down the process of ‘how to meditate.’ Read on…

Concentration Meditation

This is one of the most common meditation exercises that are followed by many who start off new. As the name suggests, it involves concentrating on a single point. This ‘point’ needn’t be something physical- you can focus on your slow breathing, a flame flickering, chants of a mantra, beads on your fingers or the distant bustling of the traffic. It involves you using a single source as your crutch to focus on. For beginners, this duration may be a minute or so, but you can slowly build on it.

It involves letting go and not pursuing thoughts, and over time you will get better.

Mindfulness Meditation

It is the act of observing wandering thoughts as they flow past your mind. Think of it as a river flowing past you, and you are nothing but an observer sitting on its banks. But, you don’t jump into the river, or feel the water- you don’t get involved with your thoughts or judge them; the only thing you do is to be ‘aware’ that it has risen, and then let it pass.

This helps you maintain an inner balance and doesn’t require you to concentrate on a point. With this technique, you will be able to see the pattern of how your thoughts and feeling arise. This technique makes you better at observing the human tendency of ‘judgment’, but not dwell in it yourself.

The Final Note

You needn’t stick to just one technique. You may use these two interchangeably as and when needed. It is important to keep in mind that a silent and calm setting is needed to induce easy meditation. As a beginner, it is better to start this way, and gradually you can promote to more chaotic and noisy settings.

Remember, you are in the driving seat. So brake and speed as and when you feel it.

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