Meditating: Getting A Hang Of It

Benefits Of Meditation
How To Meditate
How To Meditate

Meditating has the capacity to inject everlasting change in our lives. It is by far one of the things that we can do immediately and have a positive change.

Our lives are getting increasingly muddled up- work files are piling on the table, insurance premiums and mortgage payments to make at the end of the month. Life has become a constant race with the finishing line being you exhausted and tired, with years of stress shown up on your face like a cartographers table.

Meditation is a way for you to mitigate all of that stress. The concept behind meditation is quite simple- letting go. There are several aspects of life that are not in our control and trying our best to control them only present displeasure and anxiety. Meditation exercises are focused on not letting the rage of the storm outside you, reach the sanctum within- your mind must be relaxed and in a state of controlled peace. After all, you can’t control what’s around you…only control how you respond to them. The idea is to respond, not to react.

How To Meditate?

The age-old question: How to meditate? You needn’t be sitting on top of the Himalayas like a pundit, bracing the storms. The process of mindfulness is the key foundation that underlies meditation. There isn’t any process that will magically wipe clean your mind. There are certain things you can do to ensure that your mind is centered.  Here are a few things to get you started:

  • Get Yourself Comfortable

Getting a place where you can relax and sit with no strain is the first step to a good meditation session. If you are in discomfort, then there is so little a newbie can do to focus.  Then close your eyes and focus on what is around you.

  • Focus On Your Breathing

Your brain is bombarded with sensory information from all 5 facets. Cutting them off and channelizing them is the second step. This is where mindfulness comes into play. Focus on one thing and one thing only- a sound you are hearing or better still, your breathing. Focus on every single time your chest rises when you inhale, the air whistling past your nostril, and finally feel the breath leave you.

Do this with utter focus, and your mind on nothing else- A good 2 minutes for starters. You have completed your first meditation exercise.  Continue practicing and get into the habit of controlling your thoughts- don’t let your mind wander. The idea is being in the present and nowhere else.

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