How Can Meditation Manage Anxiety?

Benefits Of Meditation
Benefits Of Meditation
Benefits Of Meditation

Anxiety disorders are one of the most common mental health disorders that affect people around the world. We all experience anxiety in some forms but it only develops into a mental health disorder if the anxious feeling is regular and lasts for a longer time.

Managing anxiety is easier today with the advancement in medications and therapies. Recent studies are showing that lifestyle changes, diet, and meditation can help in managing anxiety disorders effectively. Many people are practicing different forms of meditation and reported that it helped them to reduce anxiety and stress levels.

Most of us may be aware of the benefits of meditation for the body. Today, many studies are showing that meditation is very helpful in managing several mental health disorders, including anxiety, stress, and depression.

What Does The Research Say?

Several studies have looked at the effect of meditation on generalized anxiety disorders and the results of these studies were positive. In 2013, a study looked at 93 people who were suffering from generalized anxiety disorder. All the participants underwent a manualized mindfulness-based stress reduction group program for 8 weeks.

After the study period, it was found that manualized mindfulness-based stress reduction helped in significantly reducing anxiety in all the participants. It was also observed that all the participants showed a significant increase in positive self-statements. Another study in 2012 also showed the effectiveness of meditation exercises in reducing anxiety.

Anxiety Management Through Meditation

Millions of people around the world are practicing meditation to manage their anxiety and stress. Meditation allows us to familiarize ourselves with thoughts and storylines that can cause anxious feelings. With meditation, we will learn to see these thoughts and let them go. In doing so, we will learn that thoughts are not real and they do not define us.

Meditation will give a new perspective that helps you to gradually reduce your negative thoughts that can lead to anxiety. Practicing meditation daily will help you to reduce your anxiety and the tension you feel in your body and mind. You only have to spend a few minutes each day to practice meditation initially. You can then gradually increase the time you spend on meditation as it will become easier for you to relax.

Sit upright in your chair and give complete focus to your breath. Take slow breaths and observe your body when you inhale and exhale. Bring back your focus on your breathing if you are distracted due to the negative thoughts. Continue focusing on breathing for a few minutes and when you open your eyes, you will feel more relaxed.

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